Advocacy and GFWC

By Becky Weber, GFWC Legislation and Public Policy Chairman

GFWC Friends this is a first for me.

I’ve been asked to write a blog for our NEW GFWC website! As GFWC Legislation/Public Policy chairman, I hope I can pass on my love and enthusiasm for legislation. I know most of you know about our rich history in advocating and legislation and it is my hope that we as an organization get back to our roots.

GFWC has given us the absolute easiest tool there is to help in our advocacy efforts. The LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER is right at our fingertips. Once you sign up for the LAC, whenever there is a current national and legislative issue important to GFWC, we are alerted and can take action immediately. With just a few clicks of the computer mouse we can contact our legislators, the Vice President and even the President! We can also research current legislation and read about GFWC’s stance on national issues.

One of GFWC’s greatest strengths is networking.  So I’m asking all of you to contact me with any national legislation questions and information via email: Working together, we can get GFWC back to our advocacy and legislative roots!

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Legislative Action Center by clicking the image below and begin exploring this powerful and easy to use advocacy tool.