Welcome to the New GFWC.org!

Do not adjust your eyes. You’re not dreaming. Welcome to the new GFWC website!

More than just making things bigger and brighter, we wanted this new site to be a user-friendly experience that contains all the useful information clubs and members expect from GFWC. It was important for to address the needs of our members in building this new site, while appealing to visitors who are just stumbling upon GFWC for the first time. Gone are the occasional labyrinthine pages and less-than-stellar search function. Some great new additions include, this blog, featured members, a GFWC News section, video content, and more.

This site may have just launched, but it’s important to know that we’re far from done. No website is ever 100% complete, and we are determined to make sure GFWC.org continues to be a valuable resource and informational platform.

We would not have this beautiful new site to show you without a lot of help along the way. This project began in earnest in November 2013, but the idea for a new website goes back years further. As we’ve progressed, we’ve had clubwomen, staff, the Executive Committee and outside web developers offer their critique, insight and suggestions to make sure we got this right. The site itself could not exist without the great work of the team from American Technology Services, which has been a great partner every step of the way in the design, development and launch of the site.

So here it is. The new GFWC.org. There’s a lot to get used to, so take your time. Look around. Explore. This is GFWC’s new home on the web. It’s your home too.