Volunteers in Action: GFWC Colorado and GFWC Woman’s Club of Crestview

March 8, 2022

GFWC Colorado 

GFWC Colorado clubwomen combined their efforts to raise $3,580 in gift cards to support families who were impacted by a large grass fire, known as the Marshall fire, in Boulder County, Colorado. The Marshall fire, which occurred in December, was one of the most destructive fires in Colorado’s history, burning more than 1,000 homes in this highly populated area.

GFWC Colorado State President Deb Greer, who is also a member of the Boulder Valley Woman’s Club, has worked for many years with the Sister Carmen Community Center in Lafayette, Colorado. Deb knew she wanted to help people suffering after the fire, so she reached out to the Center to ask how people could help. After speaking with the Center, Deb sent out a request for assistance to all clubwomen.

GFWC Colorado Membership Chairman Theresa Rudder said all 11 clubs in the state jumped into action.

“Everybody wanted to help in some way,” Theresa said. “…This could have been us; to lose everything you own is heartbreaking.”

She added that no specific fundraisers were organized, but that clubwomen donated their own money to this cause.

The gift cards collected were sent to the Sister Carmen Community Center to be directly distributed to families in need.


GFWC Woman’s Club of Crestview 

GFWC Woman’s Club of Crestview (Florida) members are continuing their commitment to helping people of all ages experiencing homelessness in their community. Since 2020, clubwomen have been donating school supplies and hygiene products each month to the North Okaloosa County School District, which consists of 15 schools. These items are then delivered by the school to students who are homeless. In one month alone, members delivered 647 school supplies and 765 hygiene items to the homeless students in North Okaloosa County School District. Donations this large have been made possible due to a collaboration between the club and local businesses, nonprofits, and churches.

Club President Debra Lucas explained the community members all want children to be able to focus on their schoolwork, rather than having to worry about not having the essentials.

“Helping children is dear to everybody’s heart and we all want the children to succeed in school,” Debra said. “This is a pivotal time for these children so that they can have better lives.”

In addition to helping the children, clubwomen prepare and deliver on average 290 home cooked meals to people experiencing homelessness and others in need each week. These meals are delivered to various community churches and shelters throughout the area.

Debra said members are passionate about helping people and ensuring everyone has access to these basic human needs.


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