Volunteers in Action: GFWC North Central Junior Alumnae Club and GFWC Murray Women’s Civic Guild

August 31, 2021

GFWC North Central Junior Alumnae Club 

Members of the GFWC North Central Junior Alumnae Club (West Virginia) are helping current military members and veterans through Operation Paperback, a national, nonprofit organization whose volunteers collect gently-used books and send them to U.S. troops overseas, as well as veterans and military families nationally. Club President Cindy Jenkins said clubwomen donate books to the organization, and they are then mailed out to people who can enjoy them.

She said the club decided to participate in Operation Paperback as a way to not only help military members and their families, but also to recycle books and give them to people who will continue to appreciate the books.

“We would do anything for our soldiers. They are over there for us,” Cindy said. “…It’s a way to show we care about them.”

As of July, Cindy said members have donated 127 paperback and hardback books, and they hope to continue this project in the future to hopefully bring some peace to the people who receive the novels.

“As time goes on, we will be able to acquire more books,” she said. “… I think books are a way to escape but it can also be a way to learn. It’s a stress relief.”



GFWC Murray Women’s Civic Guild 

Members of GFWC Murray Women’s Civic Guild (Utah) stayed busy during the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic by collecting can tabs to recycle to donate the proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Clubwoman Kathy Calhoun-Damon said 10 members participated in the donation drive and the club was able to collect 15 pounds of can tabs to benefit the nonprofit organization.

Kathy said this was a great project because members were able to participate and make a difference while social distancing and staying healthy.

“While everyone was staying home during COVID-19, they were trying to think of a project they could do, and that ended up being the perfect one,” she said. “They felt it was a win-win situation.”

The money raised through recycling the can tabs was used to support the cost of Ronald McDonald House Charities’ operations. This organization provides a temporary home-away-from-home that serves families of children receiving treatment at area hospitals.

Kathy said the clubwomen were happy to be able to do something to help families going through difficult situations and that they are appreciative of the work Ronald McDonald House Charities does to support these families.

“They were thrilled that they could have a worthwhile and valuable impact,” she said. “…The support is so important for the recovery of the children and their families.”


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