Volunteers in Action: GFWC Ossoli Circle and GFWC Woman’s Century Club

July 6, 2021

GFWC Ossoli Circle 

GFWC Ossoli Circle’s (Tennessee) commissioned a local artist to paint a scene that was then turned into a wrap for a traffic control cabinet. Nancy Carmon, Ossoli in Action Co-Chair, said the painting was done in a primitive style and featured historic buildings. Information about the founder of GFWC Ossoli Circle, suffrage leader Lizzie Crozier French, was also included on the traffic cabinet. Along with being the founder of the club, Lizzie was a co-founder and teacher at an institute established for girls and young women in an era when they were generally excluded from colleges and universities. The traffic control cabinet is located across the street from the former site of the school. Lizzie Crozier French founded GFWC Ossoli Circle after a visit to the Sorosis Women’s Club in New York in 1885.

Nancy said after a fellow clubwomen suggested the idea to commission the art for the cabinet, the rest of the members were excited about the idea.

“It was a tribute to (Lizzie) and her history of providing education to women who wouldn’t have access to higher education or really any education at all,” Nancy said.

She explained the purpose of Ossoli in Action is to get the club active with the community, beautify the city, and promote the club overall. The art on the traffic control cabinet met all of these goals.

“It was a way to celebrate a local artist, and celebrate and promote history,” Nancy said.

She added the cabinet is located on a well-trafficked road that people also use for outdoor recreation, and club members hope people will stop to read about the history of GFWC Ossoli Circle and how they are trying to make a difference today.

“Hopefully it has made a little impact,” Nancy said.



GFWC Woman’s Century Club 

Members of the GFWC Woman’s Century Club (Idaho) raised money to donate to two local organizations that aim to help children and families in need, the Nampa Family Justice Center and Valley Women and Children’s Shelter. Clubwomen presented a $500 mini grant to each of these organizations to show their support for the work they do in the community.

The check to the Valley Women and Children’s Shelter was presented on-air at a remote broadcast of a local radio station with help from Club President Ronalee Linsenmann at the end of May, and the check to the Nampa Family Justice Center was delivered to the center in June.

The mission of the Nampa Family Justice Center is to promote safety, self-sufficiency, hope, and healing to survivors of abuse and provides advocates to help create safety plans, file for protection orders, and locate other helpful community resources.

The Valley Women and Children’s Shelter provides a safe place for women and children to recover from homelessness. In addition to a place to sleep, the shelter provides clothing, meals, and case management. It is also the only emergency shelter for women and children in the Nampa and Western Treasure Valley areas of Idaho.


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