Volunteers in Action: GFWC Park City Athenaeum Club; Maquoketa Woman’s Club; GFWC Saxonburg District Woman’s Club; GFWC- South Brunswick Islands Woman’s Club

The GFWC Park City Athenaeum Club (Utah) held their 1st annual Road-Clean-Up on May 7th. The club adopted a 2.1 mile stretch of Old Ranch Road, which is a well-traveled and beloved roadway in Park City.  The day was cold and rainy, but somehow the weather made it more fun, and members were just glad it didn’t snow!

The Maquoketa Woman’s Club (Iowa) continually participates in community outreach and seeks new ways to make a positive impact. After one of their club members mentioned that the chemo port that was implanted near her chest was uncomfortable when she wore her seat belt, the club sprang to action with a solution that will provide some comfort for patients. The club has now donated over 160 handmade “seat belt port protector bags.” These soft, cushioned mini-pillows can be attached to the seat belt strap and adjusted accordingly to bring comfort to patients who have ports, pacemakers, and other health-related implants. The club donate them to the University of Iowa Hospital where they’re provided for free to patients. This is an ongoing project and one that will keep us busy due to its popularity at the hospital. It’s wonderful to know that we can bring a small bit of relief to patients. On May 11, they also helped spruce up the welcome sign that greets visitors as they enter the city. The volunteers have adopted the sign area and will continually maintain the landscaping. They planted 180 brightly colored marigolds and mulched the flower beds. In addition, they’ll be re-painting the letters on the sign so it’s even more visible to passersby. Throughout the summer and fall they’ll also be on weed patrol to keep the beds clean and welcoming.

The GFWC Saxonburg District Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania) are happy to contribute to the Soles4Souls Grand Intiative. In just one month, they collected 75 pairs of gently used and some new shoes to donate. They were delivered to Larua Marks who will be taking them on a mission trip in July. She hopes to be able to take 5000 pairs of shoes with her by that time!

The GFWC- South Brunswick Islands Woman’s Club (North Carolina) participated in the March for Babies Walk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The club made baby blankets, 12 of which were donated at the local event, and 14 of which were donated to the national event. The club also raised $2,009.00! The club not only surpassed their 2018 collections in both dollars collected and blankets donated, but they were also recognized locally as 3rd place in donations for non-family member groups.