Volunteers in Action

Volunteers in Action: Millville Woman’s Club

Left to right: Debbi Permito, Donna Pio, and Diane Alcantara of MWC, and Raquel Matis of Holly City Family Success Center

In 2020, Millville Woman’s Club (New Jersey) member Diane Alcantara suggested that the Club spread the joy of the holiday season in the form of gift bags for children. The Holly City Family Success Center, a community-based, family-centered organization offering a multitude of services to children and families, was selected as the beneficiary, as a way to thank them for the services they provide. The project went so well that the Club kept the tradition going in 2021 and 2022. MWC members donated bags with toys, books, games, coloring books and crayons, puzzles, gloves, and more for the children’s Christmas party. On December 13th, 2022, Donna Pio and Debbi Permito joined Diane to deliver over fifty gift bags to Raquel Matis at the Success Center.