Volunteers in Action:GFWC Women’s Club of Indian River (Delaware) and GFWC High Springs Woman’s Club (Florida)

June 16, 2020

GFWC Women’s Club of Indian River (Delaware) held their awards presentation from the Delaware State Federation of Women’s Club on June 2 at the pavilion of Warwick Park on the Indian River. The awards were presented by President Carla Pyle and some of her officers. The officers toured the state visiting each club to present these awards.

In honor of Memorial Day, the members of the GFWC High Springs Woman’s Club (Florida) placed flags on the graves of deceased veterans at the High Springs Cemetery and the Pine Hills Cemetery. The 295 flags were donated by American Legion Post 149 in Newberry. A penny was placed on each headstone to show someone visited the grave. To remember our veterans with health issues, the club served lunch donated by Wendy’s for the veterans living at the Mayflower Assistant Living facility in High Springs. Goody bags and chocolate covered Oreos made by one of their members were a big hit with the veterans. The residents created and signed beautiful cards thanking Wendy’s and the Woman’s Club.

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