Croly Award

Croly Award

The Jane Cunningham Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism Covering Issues of Concern to Women, or simply, the Croly Award, recognizes journalists who best capture the courage, vision, and spirit of Jane Cunningham Croly. Jane Cunningham Croly was a pioneering journalist who devoted her life to helping women improve their lives and expand their rights. The Croly Award winner must demonstrate a concern for the rights and the advancement of women in our society; an awareness of women’s sensitivity, strength, and courage; and/or an attempt to counteract existing sexism.


2015 Croly Award Winner – Ada Calhoun

GFWC is pleased to announce Brooklyn-based freelance journalist and author Ada Calhoun has been chosen as the 2015 Croly Award honoree for her eye-opening piece, Pregnant On Opiates: When Following Doctors’ Orders Breaks the Law, which gives readers a glimpse into the life of Jenessa Moman, a mother of four who struggled with addiction and later, the justice system upon following direction from her doctors to ensure the health of her baby. Calhoun effectively highlights the fear of women like Moman, who find themselves caught between accepted medical maintenance for themselves and their child, and laws that state that very same maintenance is child abuse. Read the full press release here.

Entry Form and Guidelines

If you or a colleague is interested in submitting an entry for the 2017 Croly Award, click here to download the form. The Croly Award is given out on a biannual basis.

Past Croly Award Winners

The Croly Award has a distinguished list of winners since it was created in 1996.


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