Legislation/Public Policy

Advocacy and GFWC

According to the GFWC Standing Rules, “Member clubs shall be responsible for carrying out the intent of the resolutions.” Clubs and clubwomen are the local advocates for GFWC’s legislative agenda. It is through the national network of grassroots advocates that the Federation gains its political influence.

When advocating on behalf of the Federation, it is critical to remember:

  • When speaking on behalf of the Federation, members may not oppose the GFWC resolutions.

  • GFWC is a nonpartisan, nondenominational organization. Clubwomen are allowed to advocate for policies or legislation, but NOT allowed by law to endorse candidates or engage in partisan politics. GFWC members must separate personal political activities from official club or state federation work.

  • Minority opinions may be expressed as follows: A member organization (club or state federation) holding a minority opinion and wishing to support its stand further may do so provided it states that its action represents the minority vote of GFWC.

Legislative Action Center

Take action!

Sign up for the Legislative Action Center, a powerful tool for GFWC’s public issues and advocacy efforts. Track bills, contact your local representative and take action on issues germane to GFWC Resolutions.

Additionally, check out “Who Represents Us,” an overview of the more than 120 women who make up the 116th Congress.


October 13

GFWC Holden Beach Club, GFWC Treasure Coast Women, and GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club of Huntsville

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