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Advocacy and GFWC

According to the GFWC Standing Rules, “Member clubs shall be responsible for carrying out the intent of the resolutions.” Clubs and clubwomen are the local advocates for GFWC’s legislative agenda. It is through the national network of grassroots advocates that the Federation gains its political influence.

When advocating on behalf of the Federation, it is critical to remember:

  • When speaking on behalf of the Federation, members may not oppose the GFWC resolutions.

  • GFWC is a nonpartisan, nondenominational organization. Clubwomen are allowed to advocate for policies or legislation, but NOT allowed by law to endorse candidates or engage in partisan politics. GFWC members must separate personal political activities from official club or state federation work.

  • Minority opinions may be expressed as follows: A member organization (club or state federation) holding a minority opinion and wishing to support its stand further may do so provided it states that its action represents the minority vote of GFWC.


Legislative Action Center

Take Action: Use Our Legislative Alerts

Sign up for the Legislative Action Center, a powerful tool to alert you to GFWC’s public issues and advocacy efforts. Track bills, contact your local representative and take action on issues germane to GFWC Resolutions.

Advocacy in Action

In accordance with the resolutions adopted by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, GFWC often joins other national organizations to urge congressional or federal agency action on a particular matter. These letters, in addition to individual clubwomen contacting their members of Congress directly through the Legislative Action Center, result in a national network of grassroots advocates working together to improve the lives of club members, their communities, our nation, and the global community.

To promote the interests of the Federation and its members, GFWC may provide additional information including bill summaries, congressional conference reports, and research findings germane to GFWC advocacy efforts. We also encourage clubwomen to engage in face-to-face meetings with members of Congress and their professional staff. These meetings may be on Capitol Hill or in-district. To assist you in your legislative visits, GFWC provides talking points and leave-behinds for our core issues as well as for other timely matters.

This is GFWC advocacy in action!

Tips for meeting with Legislators
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2024 GFWC Legislative Priorities

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GFWC Bylaws

GFWC Resolutions

Letters, Summaries, and Reports

Violence Against Women

GFWC works with multiple organizations and advocacy coalitions to urge Congress to pass legislation that protects victims of domestic violence and to significantly increase funding for federal programs that address domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, and reject cuts to these critical programs. View important information concerning violence against women below.

GFWC supports financial stability for victims escaping domestic violence.

GFWC Supports NTF’s VAWA Appropriation Request.
VAWA FY 2023 Appropriations Letter

GFWC signs NTF letter in support of VAWA Reauthorization. Read the letter below.
VAWA National Sign-on Letter

GFWC International President, Marian Simmons-St.Clair urges the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve the Violence Against Women Act of 2022.
GFWC Letter to Senate Judiciary

Online Safety

The enormity of the youth mental health crisis needs to be addressed as the very real harms of social media are impacting our children today. Taken together, the Kids Online Safety Act and the Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act would prevent online platforms from exploiting young users’ developmental vulnerabilities and targeting them in unfair and harmful ways.
Kids Online Safety Act

GFWC supports legislation regulating online platforms to protect children from being the victim of sexual exploitation.
Pass Child Protection Legislation

Gender Equity

GFWC continues its efforts to ensure that no form of gender discrimination is allowed to stand. Gender equity is not only a fundamental right, but is necessary for the economic stability of our nation and for a peaceful, thriving, and sustainable democracy.

The National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality emphasizes that every one of us is equal in dignity and deserves to be treated equally. Read the full strategy below.
National Strategy on Gender Equity (2021)

GFWC joined the ERA Coalition, leaders across the country, and nearly 200 other organizations in asking the Biden-Harris Administration to make the Equal Rights Amendment a priority. GFWC and Twelve State Federations urged Biden administration to make ERA ratification a priority within the first 100 days.
100 Days Letter (2021)

Joint Resolution to Remove ERA Ratification Deadline.
ERA Removal – Jackie Spier (2021)


Legislation/Public Policy Quarterly Newsletter

Stay up to date on important issues that impact GFWC’s advocacy efforts with the Legislation/Public Policy Quarterly Newsletter. These newsletters cover a range of topics, setting a goal of keeping our clubs and members educated and active on current issues impacting our nation.

2022-2024 Newsletters

Issue No. 1: Elections

Issue No. 2: Award Entries and Human Trafficking Month

Issue No. 3: Health and Wellness

Issue No. 4: The Power of Us: Club Advocacy

Issue No. 5: Advocates for Children

Issue No. 6: Honoring Our Veterans

Issue No. 7: Women’s History

2020-2022 Newsletters

Issue No. 1: Election Statistics and Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights

Issue No. 2: Equal Rights Amendment

Issue No. 3: Appropriations Process

Issue No. 4: Refugees

Issue No. 5: Redistricting

Issue No. 6: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention