Membership Matters

Membership Matters, formerly known as Membership Quarterly, is a newsletter exclusively for GFWC Club Presidents. Each issue focuses on membership topics that matter to your club members—and ways that you can offer them more benefits and resources through Headquarters.

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Winter 2020
Learn about GFWC’s members-only portal, MemberSuite!

Fall 2019
Learn about GFWC’s new members-only portal, MemberSuite!

Winter 2019
Learn how to update your Club Profile using GFWC’s new members-only portal, MemberSuite!

Fall 2018
Learn about protocol and ceremonies in this issue!

Summer 2018
The focus this quarter is on security for your website and also how you can use newsletters and social media to foster better relationships with members, both current and prospective!

Winter 2017
Membership retention presents both a challenge and an opportunity for GFWC clubs. This edition of the Quarterly discusses the various reasons why clubs may lose a member and suggests ways to keep that member active and involved in club leadership and projects.

Summer 2017
The focus this quarter is on Membership Recruitment, which is timely for planning recruitment strategies and events for this club year. The issue is full of ideas and themes for recruitment events and how to plan them, strategies for finding potential new members to invite and bring to events, and ideas for communication with potential members after events.

Spring 2017
The theme of the first issue is the “Benefits of Belonging.” The publication outlines many of the valuable reasons to be a part of GFWC and how to find additional information about perks and programs.


January 19

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club in Alamosa, GFWC Santa Rosa Woman’s Club, GFWC Helena Woman’s Club, GFWC Shorewood Woman’s Club

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