Annual Program Statistics Report

2020 Program Statistics

Each year, GFWC calculates the total amount of projects, volunteer hours, and both in-kind and dollars donated for the work of its clubs. The most recent data is available in the 2020 Annual Program Statistics Report. In addition to the total calculations, the data is broken down between each of the GFWC Special and Community Service Programs and the advancement programs that were active in the 2020 calendar year.

GFWC Signature Program

Number of Projects: 2,383
Volunteer Hours: 57,018.6
Dollars Donated: $473,598.71
In-Kind Donations: $686,797.51

GFWC Juniors’ Special Program

Number of Projects: 2,832
Volunteer Hours: 67,532.5
Dollars Donated: $746,934.13
In-Kind Donations: $512,207.22

Arts and Culture

Number of Projects: 5,439
Volunteer Hours: 302,679.5
Dollars Donated: $611,013.08
In-Kind Donations: $508,707.17

Civic Engagement and Outreach

Number of Projects: 9,671
Volunteer Hours: 422,588.8
Dollars Donated: $2,020,880.27
In-Kind Donations: $2,213,895.05

Education and Libraries

Number of Projects: 8,521
Volunteer Hours: 344,109.8
Dollars Donated: $3,159,823.56
In-Kind Donations: $839,298.86


Number of Projects: 4,574
Volunteer Hours: 233,688.0
Dollars Donated: $437,497.46
In-Kind Donations: $510,703.43

Health and Wellness

Number of Projects: 7,345
Volunteer Hours: 461,076.5
Dollars Donated: $1,779,970.34
In-Kind Donations: $1,446,371.84

Advancement Programs

Number of Projects: 33,937
Volunteer Hours: 1,471,112.4
Dollars Spent: $1,636,605.51


Number of Projects:        74,702.00
Volunteer Hours:             3,640,335.96
Dollars Donated:            $ 9,412,210.14
In-Kind Donations:          $ 6,775,311.82
Dollars Raised:                 $ 5,697,552.55
Dollars Spent:                   $ 1,636,605.51


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