Annual Program Statistics Report

2022 Program Statistics

GFWC commends the work of its 60,000 club members nationwide for an outstanding year of volunteer activities! The 2022 fiscal year numbers for projects, volunteer hours, dollars donated, in-kind donations, dollars raised, and dollars spent significantly increased. All of which achieved thanks to GFWC members’ dedication to improving their local communities. Thank you for living the volunteer spirit!

The following numbers reflect the work completed by clubs across the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The data compiled are for GFWC Special and Community Service Projects and Advance Plans active for 2022 fiscal year.

A copy of 2022 Annual Program and Statistics Report is available on the GFWC Digital Library. For more information, contact Cheri Meyer, Chief of Operations, at

GFWC Signature Program

Number of Projects: 3,036
Volunteer Hours: 128,354
Dollars Donated: $625,004.81
In-Kind Donations: $734,493.44

GFWC Juniors’ Special Program

Number of Projects: 4,165
Volunteer Hours: 147,565
Dollars Donated: $1,019,600.37
In-Kind Donations: $1,224,741.40

Arts and Culture

Number of Projects: 113,449
Volunteer Hours: 361,747
Dollars Donated: $826,958.33
In-Kind Donations: $805,061.68

Civic Engagement and Outreach

Number of Projects: 11,913
Volunteer Hours: 528,113
Dollars Donated: $3,756,990.35
In-Kind Donations: $2,958,995.08

Education and Libraries

Number of Projects: 7,615
Volunteer Hours: 526,224
Dollars Donated: $3,952,108.71
In-Kind Donations: $1,326,744.23

Epsilon Sigma Omicron

Volunteer Hours: 450,421
Books Read: 64,319


Number of Projects: 5,386
Volunteer Hours: 892,523
Dollars Donated: $667,409.25
In-Kind Donations: $616,987.75

Health and Wellness

Number of Projects: 7,990
Volunteer Hours: 533,669
Dollars Donated: $1,839,052.19
In-Kind Donations: $1,838,856.14

Women’s History and Resource Center

Number of Projects: 1,793
Volunteer Hours: 54,900
Dollars Donated: $225,857.96
In-Kind Donations: $6,407.33

Advancement Programs

Number of Projects: 31,995
Volunteer Hours: 1,526,068
Dollars Spent: $3,082,666.73


Number of Projects:  193,201
Volunteer Hours:  5,849,739
Dollars Donated:  $12,912,981.97
In-Kind Donations:  $9,512,287.05
Dollars Raised:  $13,044,609.87
Dollars Spent:  $3,082,666.73