GFWC Leadership

GFWC Leadership

2022-2024 GFWC Executive Committee: (from left) GFWC Director of Junior Clubs Katie Moydell, GFWC Secretary Mary Beth Williams, GFWC First Vice President Wendy Carriker, GFWC International President Deb Strahanoski, GFWC President-elect Suellen Brazil, GFWC Second Vice President Jolie Frankfurth, and GFWC Treasurer Becky Wright.

National Level

GFWC is a community service organization with many levels of leadership and membership. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which consists of Region Presidents, State Presidents, State Directors of Junior Clubs, Committee Chairmen, Committee Members, and Special Appointments, represent GFWC members on a national scale. GFWC members involved with the committees are appointed by the GFWC International President at the beginning of her two-year term. During her Administration, the GFWC International President lives at GFWC Headquarters in Washington D.C. All members of the GFWC Board have leadership responsibilities and are expected to attend the GFWC Annual Convention.


GFWC consists of eight Regions:

GFWC Great Lakes Region 
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin

GFWC Middle Atlantic Region
Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

GFWC Mississippi Valley Region
Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

GFWC New England Region
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

GFWC South Central Region
Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

GFWC Southeastern Region
District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia

GFWC Southern Region
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina

GFWC Western States Region
Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

Each region holds an annual conference in the fall, separate from the GFWC Annual Convention.

State Level

GFWC has members in each of the 50 states. State Federations host individual conferences each spring. County and district levels are contained within the state level. These two Federation categories vary from state to state; some states choose not to have county and district levels, whereas other states contain multiple counties and districts.

Local Level

GFWC is comprised of nearly 3,000 local clubs. Each club elects officers and works independently on various projects in their community.