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Debra Lubas is President of GFWC Northwest Florida Service Group, District 1 and GFWC Florida COMMS & PR Chairman 2022-2024. Debra was awarded President Bush Points of Light Award, NAVSEA Humanitarian Award and Women Divers Hall of Fame award for her success in providing in water therapy to wounded warriors and people with adaptive needs. She was also recognized by Lions International for her leadership and years of service for vision impaired.  Debra joined GFWC Florida back in 2017, because she wanted to make a difference helping others in the community.  Debra expanded her involvement, through multiple community service programs, and leadership programs which lead to District 1 President of GFWC Northwest Florida Service Group.

In 2023 the USAF 96th Test Wing awarded their Volunteer Excellence Award for community service to Debra Lubas, who received an Eagle Trophy and F16 Flight for Service. The F16 flight was 1 hr and 30 minutes of maneuvers including upside down, flips, going vertical and very fast, fast, fast. Prior to the flight there were multiple training sessions and a medical flight clearance exam. Debra wore her GFWC shirt under the flight suite.

Debra earned the GFWC Florida Mary Ann Children’s Advocacy Award in 2023, based on her successful children’s programs in the Okaloosa District consisting of kids at risk. She led innovative fundraising collaborative efforts that read to food backpack programs, school supplies/hygiene programs, autistic and adaptive kids issues, which included to kids in crisis.

Debra was also awarded GFWC Florida Woman of the Year in 2020, based on her community service efforts leading groups feeding malnourished homeless, hungry, homeless school supplies/hygiene items and homeless in need of medical supplies. Debra also won the Education Excellence Award in 2001-2021 for teaching innovative software engineering studies from Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate Studies.


January 10

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Woman’s Club of Raleigh (NC)

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