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Growing up, Sandi Brill’s parents always demonstrated the importance of giving back to the community through volunteer work. Today, this dedication to serving others continues to be a significant part of Sandi’s life.

“My mom and dad were very involved in community service,” Sandi said. “I have pretty awesome, big steps to follow in.”

In addition to volunteering with several other organizations, Sandi’s mom and sister were members of GFWC for many years, and Sandi said she was always excited – if not just a little jealous – to hear about the great projects they were working on with the club.

When Sandi retired, she was thrilled to join as a member of the GFWC Swartz Creek Woman’s Club, in Michigan. Since 2016, she has continued to work with the club and has been both club treasurer and club president for two separate terms.

Sandi said she has loved being on the club’s executive board and helping come up with ideas for projects and ways to get the club’s name out into the public.

“It has been so wonderful meeting all these different personalities. You just couldn’t help but love each one,” she said.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for many of the clubwomen, they all came together to continue to make a difference and to lift each other’s spirits. Sandi said one member suggested they make face masks, and soon they were donating them to people throughout their community.

“Everyone pitched in and we gave them to first responders, hospitals, and members. It has been a wonderful experience to be involved with this group,” she said.

Before the onset of the pandemic, there were many other club projects Sandi enjoyed being part of, including “Putter Around the Creek,” an outdoor event featuring a “hole” with various yard games sponsored by a local business. The proceeds from this event went to the GFWC Affiliate Organization Canine Companions. Sandi said the members and area residents had a great time participating and meeting some of the puppies brought by Canine Companions representatives.

“We had so much fun and it was a great fundraiser,” Sandi said. “The people who were involved said that was the best day they have had.”

Although the club did not host this fundraiser in 2021 due to financial strain experienced by businesses, Sandi said they hope to organize it again in the future.

There are many things Sandi loves about being a member of the Federation, from the great friends she has made to the positive impact they’ve had on the people around them.

“It’s about informing our community, touching lives, and being a good friend with everyone in our club,” she said.

While she knows everyone does not have the time in their schedule to be part of an organization like GFWC, Sandi believes that the joy volunteering and giving back can bring a person is endless.

“Everyone wants to help people, but some people don’t act on it. When you do, your heart gets bigger and bigger and you want to help more,” she said.


January 10

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Woman’s Club of Raleigh (NC)

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