Legacy Woman’s Club

What brought you into a local club? Who encouraged you to join GFWC? Even if a friend invited you to your first club meeting, chances are you later found out your grandmother was once part of a club, or perhaps your great grandmother.

Generations of GFWC clubwomen have joined together to make a difference in their own families and communities. If this sounds like your story, your journey, your path to GFWC, then you are invited to join The GFWC Legacy Woman’s Club. Likewise, you’re welcome to join if you are the one who started it all and were the first in your family to embrace the notion of Unity in Diversity.

The club supports the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center.

Where the Club Meets

GFWC Annual Convention


Rosemary Thomas, President
Susette Redwine, Vice President
Dianne Maki-Sethi, Secretary
Debra Bryant, Treasurer

To Join

Contact Debra Bryant with questions. To join, make your $15 check payable to the “GFWC Legacy Women’s Club” and send to:

612 Fourth Place, SW
Washington, D.C. 20024