News & Notes – March 2, 2023


March 2, 2023

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Register Today for the 2023 GFWC Women’s History Month Celebration — Wednesday, March 8, at 2-4 p.m. ET, in Washington, DC  


Join us for GFWC’s 2023 Women’s History Month Celebration! If you have not already registered for this year’s event, please do so soon. As previously mentioned, Dr. Mindy Farmer, of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery will speak about “Portraying Women’s Strength” through portraiture. The event is in-person at GFWC Headquarters in Washington, DC.

GFWC Learning Gateway Webinar Series


To celebrate Women’s History Month, GFWC members are invited to participate in the GFWC Learning Gateway webinar series to learn directly from the 2022-2024 GFWC Honorary Chairmen. The first three offerings include Signature Program Honorary Chairman Monika Johnson Hostler, President of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence; Juniors’ Special Program Chairman Stephenie Foster, Speaker, Author, Women’s Advocate, and Co-Founder of Smash Strategies; Health and Wellness Chairman Nagi Kumar, Ph.D. Director of Cancer Chemoprevention at Moffitt Cancer Center.

For registration, visit the GFWC Member Portal ( Select “Helpful Links” tab, in dropdown choose “Webinars,” and select the date(s) you want to participate.

Early Bird Registration Open for 2023 GFWC Annual Convention  

Early bird registration is officially open! Click on the link to register for the 2023 GFWC Annual Convention.(To help you register, GFWC created a “Registration: How To Guide,” which provides step-by-step instructions.)For complete information on the 2023 GFWC Annual Convention, see the “Call to Convention.”GFWC is accepting ads for the “Convention Program.” If you would like to place an ad, please complete the form and send it back to Nishu Raina at NRaina@GFWC.orgPlease note that ads are due by Thursday, March 30.

Time is Running Out: Convention Program Ad Sales

The March 30 deadline for placing an ad in the 2023 Convention Program is rapidly approaching! Convention brings clubwomen together from across the country to celebrate all of the hard work they’ve put into their communities. That makes it the prime place to share your love and appreciation for the clubwomen in your life. Purchasing an ad in the 2023 Convention Program, which every attendee receives, is an opportunity to be loud and proud about your club or Federation sisters. Whether they’re doing a great job as leaders in this Administration or they’ve been there for you through difficult times, shine a spotlight on them!Orders and payment must be received by March 30. Check out our Convention Program ad form to see your options. Submit your form to Events Manager Nishu Raina.


 2023 GFWC Annual Convention Workshops

Attendees at this year’s GFWC Annual Convention are invited to attend the following workshops on Sunday, June 11, from 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. or 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. With seven workshops to choose from, you will gain insight and knowledge to take back to your club for the benefit of all.What if It Happened to You?Signature Program CommitteeDuring this immersive workshop, attendees will get a glimpse into the experiences and the vulnerabilities of facing trauma and adversity as a survivor. Learning these realities will assist in understanding the role that GFWC plays in legislative efforts.Adding Value to Gain Youthful VolunteersJunior’s Special Program Committee  Proven benefits of volunteering include the development of critical thinking, learning how to collaborate, and ultimately the feeling of having made a difference. Why not do this as a GFWC member? Unique, proven methods will be highlighted in this interactive workshop. Learn techniques for getting the attention of youthful members and how to start local Junior and/or Juniorette clubs. Strategic Planning for Leadership SuccessLeadership CommitteeA club strategic plan provides guidance on where your club is headed, how it will get there, and how you know when you’ve reached your destination. A strategic plan can help foster leadership development as you work toward creating your plan and implementing the goals established. Join us to learn how to map your club’s strategic plan and develop leaders through this process.Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Membership Committee The critical elements of successful teamwork are trust, communication, effective leadership, and a focus on shared goals with a collective responsibility for success. This collaborative workshop encourages communication, inclusiveness, and decision-making to bring about successful outcomes.Nonprofit Brand Identity and StrategiesCommunications and Public Relations CommitteeDuring this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to position the GFWC brand for the best possible success in the community. The workshop includes exercises that will help you learn how to develop the target audience/market, distinguish brand benefits, and the unique GFWC brand personality. Time will be devoted to identifying benefits that are believable, unique, and compelling.The Facets of FundraisingFundraising CommitteeImmerse yourself as attendees become the “club” that uses emotion, intuition, and common sense to orchestrate a successful fundraising event. Participants will develop a fundraising strategy to guide your club’s fund-raising efforts, helping those involved avoid stress, stay organized, and productive.Power of Us: Club AdvocacyLegislation/Public Policy and Resolutions CommitteeThis collaborative workshop develops members’ knowledge of advocacy efforts. Teams will work toward creating club-level advocacy campaigns using the GFWC Legislative Action Center, letters to editors, and meetings with legislators to facilitate grassroots advocacy efforts.


Our Shot@Life Champions 

Earlier this week, GFWC International President Deb Strahanoski hosted a gathering of members who attended the 2023 Shot@Life Summit. Shot@Life aims to ensure that children around the world have access to lifesaving vaccines. We would like to thank the dedicated members from California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Utah, and Washington for being Shot@Life Champions!


Region President’s Project: Caring for Caregivers

By June Ferguson, GFWC South Central Region President

This president has chosen to honor the caregivers during her administration.  As a noun, caregiver is defined as a person who has accepted responsibility for looking after a vulnerable neighbor or relative. This officer defines it as a GFWC clubwoman. They are the caregivers of the world. With that thought in mind, the GFWC South Central Region is pausing their usual fundraising to take care of each other.

At this time in our history, this officer felt it was important to boost each other on an emotional level and to care for the caregivers. At the 2022 South Central Region Conference, the clubwomen were challenged to bring eight “thinking of you” or blank cards with their return address. They were then to find six women they did not know and ask them to fill in the “mail to” space and return it to them.  At some time prior to February 14th, members were to mail the notes with an encouraging script inside.  The final two were to be sent to our GFWC International President and President-elect.  Our world runs on technology, and it’s a wonderful thing, but there is much to be said for a hug, an in-person chat, or a handwritten note of caring. We need to encourage each other, support each other, and share the marvelous journey with one another.  Because “If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” Matthew Arnold



State President’s Project: “Membership Matters!”

By Cynthia Dykes, GFWC Maryland President

It is my honor and great privilege to serve as the president of the GFWC Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc. for 2022-2024.  The slogan or motto for my administration is “Membership Matters!  Let’s Be Like Rabbits and Multiply.”   Many organizations these days from the Lions, Rotary, and GFWC are having a problem with gaining members and keeping existing members involved and engaged.   I think we all have learned that we need people to accomplish what we desire, so I am urging all the clubs of our state federation to make a real, concerted effort to do all they can to build up our numbers.   To that end, I was able to get an extraordinary champion of GFWC as our membership chairman for my administration, Babs Condon, GFWC International President 2014-2016.

Since joining my local club in 2007, I have served in various positions and projects in my club, district, and state.  What has always tugged at my heart and mind the most is that in this country of plenty, many go without the most basic necessities of life, food enough for a healthy survival and a safe place to live.  Therefore, my special project is to ask our clubs to engage in projects to assist in alleviating food and housing insecurity.  Many of our clubs have worked with different community groups and organizations to that end in the past, so I am asking them to concentrate on and continue with what many have already been doing.  That is why I did not pick a specific program to concentrate on statewide because the needs differ in each community as do the local agencies and entities that clubs could work with, which they would know best for their communities.  I have just started reviewing their reports for 2022 and they seem to be embracing the cause! And I cannot wait to hear more come awards entry time.  However, the real reward for everyone will be for some people to be in a bit better condition food and housing wise as a result of our efforts.  Addressing these two basic items can have an extraordinary impact on many other aspects of a person’s life and hopefully allow more people to thrive and move toward a better life which ultimately benefits all of us.

Put these Motions to Work

By Diane Addante, RP, GFWC Parliamentarian

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR) devotes about 40% of the rules, and nearly all of the charts, to motions.  Using motions properly is important for efficient and fair meetings. These Subsidiary Motions are familiar, but their order of precedence is not always understood.  From highest to lowest:Lay on the TablePrevious QuestionLimit or Extend Limits of DebatePostpone to a Certain TimeCommit (Refer)AmendPostpone IndefinitelyFor example, if a main motion is being amended and someone moves to refer it to the committee, the motion to Commit takes precedence over the motion to Amend and will be addressed first.  The BasicsLay on the Table – This motion is often misused.  It is meant to temporarily lay the pending question aside when something else must be addressed first.  It must be seconded, is not debatable, and requires a majority vote.  It is not meant to kill the motion but will do so if the motion is left on the table past the next meeting. Previous Question –This immediately ends the debate unless someone moves to Table the issue.  It must be seconded, is not debatable, and requires a two-thirds vote.  If adopted, the immediate pending issue is voted on without delay.  Limit or Extend Limits of Debate – We limit debate at GFWC Convention via the Convention Rules.  This is why the rules require a two-thirds vote.Postpone to a Certain Time – Used when the motion needs work or has come at an inconvenient time.  Ask the Chair when would be a good time to revisit the issue based on the meeting schedule.  Requires a second, is debatable, and generally requires a majority vote.  Postpone Indefinitely – Used when the assembly declines to take a position on the main question, requires a second, is debatable, and passes by majority vote.  Adoption kills the main motion for the duration of the session.

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club

The GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club (AZ) hosted an educational program with guest speakers from U.S.VETS. They shared updates on their new facility that will provide 132 transitional beds for homeless veterans in Phoenix, AZ. They also spoke about Ashley’s Place, housing created specifically for women veterans who will receive daily meals, counseling and support as they transition into permanent housing. The two, five-bedroom homes will provide services to 30 local female veterans. The GFWC Glendale Women’s Club donated toiletries, dental supplies, and socks that will be given to homeless veterans in the area.

To read more about Volunteers in Action, visit the Blog. Please share your club’s activities with us by sending a photo and story to