Disaster and Relief Funds

Disaster and Relief Funds

Library Replenishment Fund

Tying together members’ generous financial gifts and passion for literacy with our mission of community improvement through volunteer service, the GFWC Disaster Relief—Library Replenishment Fund assists in restocking the collections of public and public school libraries that have been affected by natural and manmade disasters.

This fund is an ongoing collection connected to historical advancements in libraries and literacy. GFWC clubs have a long history of founding, maintaining, and promoting libraries. Grants will be provided to GFWC clubs to help replenish affected libraries in their communities. GFWC will collect donations from individual members, clubs, State Federations, and other interested organizations, which will be used to provide grants and in-kind donations on a grant basis.

We urge each of you to reach out to your fellow clubwomen, especially those in your State Federation, and ask them to contribute to GFWC’s efforts in rebuilding libraries in our communities. The collective impact of clubwomen working together as one cohesive unit to assist those in need demonstrates the true power of our Federation. All donations will be acknowledged and recognized.

Make a Donation

Donate online!

Checks, made payable to GFWC, should be sent to:

GFWC Library Replenishment Fund
1734 N Street NW
Washington, DC 20036-2990

Please include “GFWC Library Fund” in the check memo area.

Share this Information

Post this information on your club or State Federation website and link to GFWC.org for more information. Include this information in your state, district, and/or club newsletter.

Grant Eligibility and Application

Grants are available to GFWC clubs whose communities were affected by a manmade or natural disaster, which damage public and/or public school libraries. Each GFWC club is required to submit a completed GFWC Disaster Relief-Library Replenishment Fund Application (Word | PDF) along with the following items:

  • Photos and/or news article showing the damage and destruction
  • Letter from affected library
  • 250-word impact statement

In addition to the grant money, GFWC will provide the following support materials to all approved applicants:

  • GFWC Book Plates for donated books
  • Professionally prepared press releases to ensure your club efforts are acknowledged

If you have any questions, contact the Programs Department at Programs@GFWC.org or 1-800-443-GFWC (4392).