Recruitment Campaigns

GFWC’s “Sparkle and Shine” Recruitment Campaign

Help your club recruit members and get recognition for it! Report your successful recruitment events and new members to GFWC Headquarters as part of GFWC’s Recruitment Campaign.

Plan creative membership recruitment campaigns and events around the many national awareness and commemoration months and days aligned with GFWC Special Programs and Community Service Programs. See the GFWC Club Manual for more information about GFWC Membership, Special Programs, and Community Service Programs. You can also find a list of themed celebration days and months in the current GFWC Year in Pictures Calendar.

Make sure to check out our resources for How to Recruit New GFWC Members and How to Retain Members!


“Pearls – Strengthening

June, July and August
Recruitment Reports
due September 1


“Ruby – Share Your Passion”


September, October
and November
Recruitment Report
due December 1

“Emerald – Harmonious


 December, January
and February
Recruitment Report due March 1

“Diamond – Shine Bright”


 March, April and May
Recruitment Report due June 1


Clubs achieving and reporting three new members on the GFWC Recruitment Campaign Report form (under “R” on the Resources page) will be recognized in GFWC Clubwoman Magazine. Please submit a report even if your club only recruited one or two new members. Every Member Counts!

Membership Grants

Funding is now available to help underwrite membership recruiting and rebuilding in your community. GFWC is offering $50 grants for club member recruitment programs four times annually. The application process is straightforward and easy to complete. Apply today for the funding necessary to conduct a successful recruiting event.

Download the $50 Club Grant Application.