Letter From Director of Junior Clubs

Dear Federation Sisters,

We start this Administration during “unprecedented times,” amid a pandemic and social discourse across the world. This is, however, nothing our clubwomen have not faced before. Clubwomen have stepped up to face adversity over the duration of our existence.

I think Past President Alice Ames Winters said it best when she wrote: “In a time of upheaval, hazy thinking, and social turmoil these groups of ours can do no greater service than to keep their minds serenely fixed upon the great ideals of America and their hands busy in doing the work that will keep these ideals stable. It has become plain that the mainstay of a democracy is a public both informed and active. I have wished that we might adopt as our self-description some such as this : “ A body of organized women in every community who can be depended upon to promote whatever leads to the betterment of life.”

It’s important to continue with these values and service. Our focus should remain grounded in our history but with a heart open to our future.

As a fan of giraffes, one of the lessons giraffes teach us about life is that you have to stick your neck out. That’s how they reach such high and difficult places. The guiding concept for the Juniors will be to “Stick Your Neck Out.”

During the 2020–2022 Administration I ask our members to continue the theme of “sticking their necks out.” It is important that we continue to attract a younger audience and give them a voice. I challenge you all to not only add Junior members but to create Junior clubs and Juniorette clubs in all of our states.

I challenge all of our membership, nearly 80,000 clubwomen, to plan and participate in service projects that directly benefit the welfare of children during Advocates for Children week in October. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many turned to the arts and the outdoors. Part of our focus in Advocates for Children will be to advocate for art curriculum and outdoor activities for all students, including those with disabilities and to highlight the value of art therapy and enrichment for children with emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Thank you to GFWC President Marian St.Clair, it is an honor to serve with you and all of our GFWC members. Stick your neck out and let your light shine!

In Federation Friendship & Love,
Kristina Higbee
Director of Junior Clubs