Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program

Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program

Streetside Showers

GFWC Florida – GFWC Viera Woman’s Club

Trying to help the homeless, GFWC Viera Woman’s Club reached out to Streetside Showers, an organization that provided a shower trailer to their area. Before this project, the homeless were bathing in the canal. Club members also collected socks, t-shirts, toiletries, and personal hygiene products. A collection box has been set up for continued support of this project.


Eye for Justice

GFWC Idaho – GFWC Idaho Boise Columbia Club

GFWC Idaho Boise Columbia Club held their meeting at the State Archives. They watched “An Eye for Justice,” which deals with the World War II Relocation Center in their town. All Japanese citizens in America were sent to these camps throughout WWII. The history was reviewed and presented to the club members.


Stuffed Bears

GFWC Indiana – GFWC Northwest Indiana Woman’s Club

GFWC Northwest Indiana Woman’s Club members cut and sew bears using colorful patterns. Members stuff, tie ribbons and send them on their journey to a child who is or has been impacted by an emergency or family crisis. The first responders, fire, and police have these bears available in their vehicles. “A young friend in need deserves a bear indeed.”


The “Brace” Closet

GFWC Maryland – GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Pocomoke City

GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Pocomoke City assists the local high school with what is known as the “brace” closet. Injured high school athletes can sign out properly fitted items to rehab and continue therapy without financially burdening their families. Over 75% of their community does not have the funds to pay for these items new. The club also purchased athletic tape, compression sleeves, splints, and other items to make it easier.


Veteran’s Tombstone Cleaning

GFWC Mississippi – GFWC Mississippi Poplarville Woman’s Club

The GFWC Mississippi Poplarville Woman’s Club organized the Veteran’s Tombstone cleaning project and placed flags on the tombstones during Veterans Day. Researching the proper way to clean a tombstone and educating others was critical. Recommendations were shared from Arlington Cemetery. The event was advertised in their community. Working with the Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, high school students, and members, over 250 tombstones were cleaned, and flags were placed.


Cookies and the Yellow Dot Program

GFWC Nevada – GFWC Nevada Lamoille Women’s Club

GFWC Nevada Lamoille Women’s Club made fifteen trays of homemade baked cookies for the local Sheriff’s office, Police dispatch, ambulance office, Police Station, GFWC Nevada Highway Patrol, and several local fire departments. This has been an ongoing project since 1994. The local Sheriff has been known to show up, help deliver the goods, and give thanks. They also promote Yellow Dot, which shows first responders that the individual’s emergency information is available in the glove box.


Sock it to Me

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC of Holden Beach

GFWC North Carolina of Holden Beach initiated a sock collection for the homeless. “Sock it to Me” was advertised in many areas of social media, digital newsletters, and flyers. The Sock Tree was created, and over a two-month period, 183 pairs of socks for men, women, and children were collected. Socks were hung on the tree to bring awareness of the homeless population and the need for participation in helping those in need. Socks were also delivered to the shelter for the homeless and victims of domestic violence, foster care, and emergency youth shelter.


Welcome to Perry Sign

GFWC Oklahoma – GFWC Ladies Tuesday Afternoon Club of Perry

GFWC Ladies Tuesday Afternoon Club of Perry realized their town needed a “Welcome to Perry” sign. A homemade pie sale (generated huge donations) and a letter-writing campaign helped this project move forward. The members are preparing to dedicate the sign to the community with a GFWC presentation.


Girls Graduation Tea

GFWC Utah – GFWC Park City Athenaeum Club

All graduating senior girls and their moms are invited to the Girls Graduation Tea celebration. A picture booth is at the entrance, and food, drinks, and music are provided. The program starts with honoring one individual from the graduates. She has a certificate and personal recognition for her service and dedication to the community.


Royal Court

GFWC Washington – GFWC Camas Washougal Club

During Royal Court Camas Days, the GFWC Camas Washougal Club was the lead organization to host and sponsor the Royal Court to recognize Senior(s) for their outstanding community service. These are not High School Seniors; these are “seasoned” community members continuing to make a difference. A parade, luncheon, and crowning of the Court were part of the festivities presented by these club members. This year a former Mayor of Washougal was crowned.