Legislation/Public Policy Advancement Plan

Legislation/Public Policy Advancement Plan


GFWC Arizona – GFWC Paradise Valley Junior Woman’s Club

The club adopted a resolution written by one of its members to support the humanitarian aid organizations assisting Ukraine. Members then made donations as a club project. In adopting the resolution, the club also matched their projects to a current GFWC Resolution, an item on the GFWC Scavenger Hunt.


Information Booth

GFWC Georgia – GFWC Sylvania Junior Woman’s Club

GFWC Sylvania Junior Woman’s Club held a political “party,” inviting all local and state politicians to participate by having a booth with information about themselves and issues of importance. The party was open to the public and was held on the courthouse lawn with food trucks selling refreshments.


Birthday Cards

GFWC Illinois – GFWC Naperville Woman’s Club

The club members wrote birthday cards to students in the five area high schools turning eighteen, encouraging them to vote. They were given lists of students identified by first names and numbers, so they could assemble them back for the teachers to disburse. The club worked with the League of Women Voters on this project.


Citizenship Test

GFWC Louisiana – GFWC Lagniappe Woman’s Club

The GFWC Lagniappe Woman’s Club members encouraged and assisted a local Vietnamese woman and her daughter in studying for the U.S. Citizenship test.


Shining Star Award

GFWC Mississippi – GFWC Star Woman’s Club

GFWC Star Woman’s Club awarded deserving citizens in their community, county, and state government a “Shining Star” award for their valuable contributions to the Star community and outstanding jobs. This year, they presented the award to a state representative, a District 1 Supervisor, and a community leader.


Meet The Mayor

The Wake Forest Juniorettes Club (NC) invited their city mayor to attend their Zoom meeting in March. The mayor offered a summary of her early and college life and spoke about her term responsibilities as mayor. The club officers also prepared some additional questions. Overall, this meeting helped the Juniorettes learn about leadership and what it takes to be active in their community.


Citizens Guide to Government

GFWC New Jersey – The GFWC West Essex Woman’s Club

The GFWC West Essex Woman’s Club (NJ) purchased copies of the New Jersey League of Women Voters publication “Citizens Guide to Government.” The members distributed those to the Reference Department of four (4) public libraries, one (1) college library, and two (2) libraries of senior citizen residences.



GFWC New Hampshire – The GFWC Woman’s Club of Concord

GFWC Woman’s Club of Concord heard from the League of Women Voters NH president about the importance of every vote, some of the tricky parts of election law, and how the Woman’s Club members can best answer questions from friends and neighbors.


GFWC North Carolina Democracy Quiz

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC of Holden Beach

GFWC of Holden Beach members, in preparation for the mid-term election season, had a GFWC North Carolina Democracy Quiz in the October newsletter, and all members were encouraged to take it. The answers were distributed and reviewed at the November meeting and published in the newsletter.


Smithsonian Exhibit Application

GFWC Oklahoma – GFWC LaKeeKon of Nowata

GFWC LaKeeKon of Nowata prepared and applied for a Smithsonian Exhibit on Voting and Democracy to be displayed at their local museum.