Health and Wellness Community Service Program

Health and Wellness Community Service Program

Corn Hole Camaraderie

GFWC Georgia – GFWC Service Guild of Covington

GFWC Service Guild of Covington project facilitated exercising with senior citizens. The club members visited an assisted living/memory care nine times yearly to play Corn Hole with the residents. The club offers refreshments. This was a rewarding project for the residents and the club members.


Files of Life

GFWC Iowa – GFWC Lake City Monday Club

Files of Life is a form that lists medications and other health information for individuals in a household. The club coordinated the implementation of Files of Life with emergency personnel and hospital employees. Forms were distributed to all club members and shared with friends, relatives, and Meals on Wheels recipients.


The Yellow Tulip Project

GFWC Maine – GFWC Semper Fidelis

The Yellow Tulip Project is a youth-driven movement dedicated to smashing the stigma surrounding mental illness- one tulip at a time. Club members met with female inmates to introduce the project. Inmates were asked to author a poem, draw a picture, or write a letter expressing their experience with mental illness and drug abuse. Members and inmates planted a tulip garden at the Somerset County Correctional Facility.


Scarecrow Trail

GFWC Mississippi – GFWC Twentieth Century Club of Bruce

GFWC Twentieth Century Club of Bruce (MS) participated in the town’s “Scarecrow Trail.” The club members worked with the town to decorate scarecrows, including necklaces that provided information on Breast Cancer Awareness. As individuals stopped at each scarecrow, they could read the information on breast cancer prevention and awareness.


Harvest Day Calm Space

GFWC New Hampshire – GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club

This club partnered with the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce and Twenty-One Senses to run Calm Space/Family Respite Area at the Fall Apple Harvest Day. This Calm Space allowed attendees with sensory disabilities to relax, reregulate, and return refreshed to the festivities. Earplugs and earphones were available. A balance board, rocking chairs, butterfly chairs, wiggle seats, yoga mats, Legos, crayons, puzzles, and books were available.


Mountain-to-Sea Trail

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC Mebane Trail Blazers

When the GFWC Mebane Woman’s Club realized that the Mountains-to-Sea Trail ran through their town’s historic district, the club helped form the Mebane Trail Rangers, a community club open to all. Their efforts help support, promote, and maintain eight trails in Mebane and the Mountain-to-Sea Trail. Partnering with local government, the club also provides educational workshops and advocates for health and wellness in nature.


Magic Yarn Project

GFWC Ohio – GFWC Great Friends Working Cooperatively Club

The GFWC Great Friends Working Cooperatively Club made princess wigs and superhero beanies out of soft yarn for children who suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy and other diseases.


Soup for Docks

GFWC Rhode Island – GFWC Woman’s Club of South County

In conjunction with a local Mission and two churches, GFWC Women’s Club of South County distributed soup to plant workers and anglers at the State Pier and Town Docks in Galilee. Many of these workers do not have the financial resources to obtain adequate nutrition, and their work is physically demanding and conducted in a harsh environment. The club prepared and delivered 2,790 cups of soup in 2022.


Meals and More

GFWC Tennessee – GFWC Dickson County Women’s Club

The Dickson County Women’s Club members created a monthly handout program for two Meals on Wheels kitchens. The handouts contained four pages of information concerning heart health and food safety. Each handout also included a “brain teaser” or various puzzles. Part of the project included purchasing thirty-three new baskets to transport food.


Special Olympics Feet Meet

GFWC Virginia – GFWC James River Junior Woman’s Club

This program allowed special needs school-age students to compete in field day-type events. Club members served as “cheerleaders” for the students and teams. Additionally, the club donated and prepared lunch for five hundred participants and teachers.