Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Big Ideas for a New Holiday Event

GFWC Alabama – GFWC Legacy Club

In South Huntsville, a new signature holiday event was started in hopes of becoming an annual event. Town organizations were encouraged to participate. The GFWC Legacy Club wanted a big presence and sponsored a life-size holiday card. It was inscribed with a joyful holiday message and was signed with the club’s logo. Thanks to the collaborative challenging work of sponsors and event planners, over 1,200 attendees participated.


A Year-Long Social Media Presence

GFWC Florida – GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club

The GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club harnessed the power of social media to increase community awareness of their club. Daily Facebook posts, 365 days of the year, described service projects, included action photos and short videos, and tagged community partners to broaden their reach, which increased by 700% during 2022. They shared Facebook posts to Instagram several days each week to attract a younger demographic. Their Instagram followers increased by 51%.


Scavenger Hunt Anniversary Celebration

GFWC Georgia – GFWC Lilburn Woman’s Club

To celebrate the GFWC Lilburn Woman’s Club’s 50th anniversary, a virtual scavenger hunt was developed using the online app, Eventzee. The hunt’s challenges are related to projects the club has spearheaded over the years. Founding members and partner organizations created videos. Participants used the app to complete the hunt, which required them to watch videos and visit local sites. Donated prizes were given to those who completed the hunt.


Spread the Word on the Radio

GFWC Iowa – GFWC Maquoketa Woman’s Club

The GFWC Iowa Maquoketa Woman’s Club partnered with their local radio station to bring awareness of club activities to the community and welcome new members. The station has a “Just Talk” segment weekly; the club was the guest on three occasions during 2022. This allowed them to talk about all the good things the club does in their community and globally and spotlight upcoming events they want to promote.


Hashtag Facebook Challenges

GFWC Massachusetts – GFWC Bay State Contemporary Club

GFWC Bay State Contemporary Club asked attendees to complete two Facebook Photo challenges at a state meeting. #1 New Friends ~ GFWC encourages us to meet women from other clubs. Take photos with your new friends, and post on Facebook with #gfwccreatesnewbonds. #2 Longtime Friends ~ GFWC creates long-lasting friendships; show us your longtime friendships! Post on Facebook with #gfwcfreindsbecomefamily. All attendees had fun with this challenge; prizes were awarded.


Who Cares? We Care!

GFWC Montana – GFWC Billings Junior Woman’s Club

The GFWC Billings Junior Woman’s Club implemented a “We Care” project aligning with the President’s Project. Note cards were made with “We Care” written on them, and a personal note inside included club information and a $20 bill. Members were asked to find someone kind or who went beyond helping and caring for others. This project brought brand awareness to the community while sharing club information.


Google at its Best!

GFWC New Jersey – GFWC Woman’s Club of Matawan

Woman’s Club of Matawan created a Google website and Google Map location for their clubhouse, which means they come up quickly on Google search results and appear on GPS maps. The search results take you to their website with information on events, members, and contacts. They also use Google Mail (Gmail) for their club’s official email. Another great idea was a Google Voice account where prospective members could contact them by phone.


Welcome to our Community!

GFWC New York – GFWC Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose

The Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose is serious about welcoming new homeowners and giving them information to help ease their transition. Working with town officials, the club is notified of new homeowners. “Welcome Packets” are assembled with a plethora of town information, a letter from the Club President, club history, an event calendar, and an overview of GFWC. The packet is delivered to the new homeowner with a house plant and a gift card to a local eatery.


Can You Go the Extra Mile?

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC Fuguay-Varina Woman’s Club

GFWC Fuguay-Varina Woman’s Club (NC) implemented the “Go the Extra Mile” campaign to improve its brand image. All state members were encouraged to explore ways to go the extra mile with other CSPs, organizations, and businesses to build bridges in the community. Recognition was awarded monthly to members. Added bonuses for the club were updated printed marketing materials, an improved social media presence, and an entirely updated website.


Everybody Loves Lester Flatt

GFWC Tennessee – GFWC Sparta Woman’s Club

GFWC Sparta Woman’s Club requested a table at the Lester Flatt Celebration to promote the club and recruit members. They placed club logo stickers on purple medicine bottles filled with first aid items. Club and GFWC brochures were handed out; this provided the opportunity to speak with community members. A backpack with school supplies was raffled off that day, and the mayor stopped by and drew the winner.