Membership Advancement Plan

Membership Advancement Plan

GROW- Girls Reinventing Our World

GFWC Illinois -GFWC Palos Park Woman’s Club

GFWC Palos Park Woman’s Club developed a way to acquire new energy for its members while encouraging younger women to join their club. They held a GROW – “Girls Reinventing Our World” start-up meeting to develop fun evening and weekend activities along with fundraisers for all club members to attend. The “Juniors” (not to be confused with GFWC Junior Level Membership) were formed, including existing members, coworkers, and friends in the community. The “Juniors” communicate through electronic means, including texting, email, Instagram, Google Meets, and Zoom. The first initiative was to hold a fall gathering, the Fall Junior Soiree, at the home of one of the co-chairmen. There was a large turnout, and all enjoyed the ambiance of the homeowner’s outdoor space. This innovative idea has proven to be an excellent start to re-energize existing members, build a new membership base for the club, and increase overall membership by seventy-four new members!


Who am I?

GFWC Maine – GFWC Semper Fidelis Club

That is the question GFWC Semper Fidelis Club wants to know about all their members. We come from diverse backgrounds, interests, and lifestyles, but the one thing that brings us all together is GFWC and our love for volunteering. So, how do we get to know new members on a deeper level, and how do they get to know long-time members? The Club President introduced a game to do just that. Each member was given a list of fifteen questions to answer about themselves, such as “What is next on your bucket list? What did you want to be when you were small? What is the coolest place to which you have ever traveled?” The completed sheets were all turned in to the President, and two lists were read at the start of each meeting. What fun it is to go around the room with each attendee, trying to match up the answers to the members!


Friendship Brownie Event

GFWC Michigan – GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club

GFWC Menominee Women’s Club of GFWC Michigan has had over fifty new members over the past several years. Its “Friendship and Brownies” event has continued. Dinner, storytelling, and club information are shared while attendees fill Mason jars with all the ingredients for a pan of brownies. The process becomes an assembly line, with all participants going station to station while layering the ingredients into their jars. This will make a great gift and provide an evening of fun for members and their guests.


Membership Orientation

GFWC Montana – GFWC Thompson Falls Woman’s Club

GFWC Thompson Falls Woman’s Club has had only one-third of its members for more than five years in a GFWC club. It became necessary to help all members understand what being part of the GFWC Montana Federation means. A committee was formed to present three one-hour sessions. Who Are We – Brief history of GFWC, including headquarters building, GFWC Montana, the structure of GFWC, eight national regions, eleven Western Region states, and GFWC Montana’s three districts. This session concluded with the presentation of a promotional video produced by GFWC. What We Do – The GFWC Club Manual and its contents were the topics of this session. Nuts and Bolts – This session covered awards, programs, LEADS, GFWC Digital Library, News and Notes, and Clubwoman Magazine.


Dinner with Scarecrows

GFWC Nebraska – GFWC Champion Junior Woman’s Club

GFWC Champion Junior Woman’s Club attended dinner at the Great Pumpkin Farm with members and guests. After dinner, each picked out and carved their own pumpkin, which was judged, and the winner received a bag of candy. From there, everyone climbed aboard a flatbed trailer for a hayride through a corn maze, with people dressed in Halloween costumes to startle the riders. After the spooky adventure, everyone was treated to hot chocolate. The club president spoke about the club’s activities and volunteer efforts. This outing outside of a club meeting was worthwhile – six new members joined because of this fun-filled evening.


Volunteer Fair

GFWC New Hampshire – GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club

GFWC Dover Area Woman’s Club of GFWC New Hampshire participated in a Volunteer Fair held at a local library. The purpose of this event was to inform the community of all the local non-profit organizations in the area. This was an opportunity for the club to increase its visibility and membership. Club members wore matching club t-shirts, and the table was adorned with visuals of their major projects, including a basket with End 68 Hours of Hunger food, a backpack filled with school supplies for the Dover Children’s Home, Veteran’s Christmas stockings, Prevent Child Abuse Pinwheels, and Go Red pins symbolizing Women’s Heart Health. A photo collage of club activities was also on display. Everyone who stopped at the table was given a mini spider plant, incorporating the club motto, “Planting seeds of friendship and service in our community.”


Traveling Marvelous Member

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC Dunn Intermediate Woman’s Club

To increase club awareness in the community, energize members, and attract future members, GFWC Dunn Intermediate Woman’s Club launched a fun new project. The Membership Chairman drew a cartoon-type character, dressed, accessorized, and named her Marvel. She holds a sign that says,” Hello, I am Marvel, GFWC Dunn Intermediate Woman’s Club’s Marvelous Membership Ambassador. Won’t you come to join our fun? We would love to have you join us!” Marvel is passed from member to member at each meeting while music is played. The member holding her when the music stops takes her home until the following meeting and documents all her activities with photos. The photos are posted on Facebook to give her exposure beyond her successful public appearances.


Building a Great Year

GFWC Ohio – GFWC Austintown Junior Women’s Club

GFWC Austintown Junior Women’s League of Ohio held a construction theme membership mixer with hardhats, safety vests, and construction theme décor, such as orange cones, dump trucks, rocks, and dirt. As members and guests arrived, they were each given a construction cone with a number on it to guide them to the table where they were to be seated, mixing members with guests. Food and delicious desserts were enjoyed by all. Everyone assessed their skills with a game of ring toss on orange cones, and each table was given a construction kit, complete with graham crackers, frosting, and candies, to test their team-building skills. The results were imaginative, and the event was successful as they “built” several new members.


All Aboard for Membership

GFWC Pennsylvania – GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club of GFWC Pennsylvania created a train theme to recognize the milestone accomplishments of its members. Each car on the train represented a club member and their years of service, ranging from five to sixty. The train theme was chosen because a train (Federation) is made up of many different cars (its members) that go from destination to destination (projects), fulfilling the assignment, making friends, and helping others. Each member was presented with a specially designed train ticket boarding pass to climb aboard the “GFWC Pennsylvania Federation Limited” for a fun-filled trip, receiving a scroll and an anniversary pin.



GFWC Texas – GFWC History Club of GFWC Texas

The GFWC History Club of GFWC Texas celebrated their membership by receiving a black and gold invitation requesting their presence at GETOGG’S (Grammy, Emmy, Tony, Oscar, Golden Globe) – an award ceremony for extraordinary club women. Members impersonated Minnie Pearl, Patsy Cline, Sonny, and Cher for entertainment. Club officers had gone into members’ homes and discreetly videoed them to be nominated for an award, such as a member taking a big spoon of Crisco (Grease) or releasing a hand full of balloons in the air (Gone with the Wind). Every member received a gold statuette engraved “Star of the History Club” for her winning role.