Environment Community Service Program

Environment Community Service Program

Bee Project

GFWC California – GFWC California Woman’s Club of Indio’s

Twenty-seven members created homes for local Mason bees. Members built bee houses from recycled materials, including juice glasses, liter bottles, and other non-breakable cylinders, and filled them with paper straws or rolled paper tubes to provide nesting areas for the Mason bees to lay their eggs with the goal of increasing pollinators. The creative, recycled houses were gardened ready to attract the bees during mating and pollination season.


Oyster Deterioration

GFWC Florida – GFWC Rotunda West Woman’s Club

GFWC Rotunda West Woman’s Club participated in learning about the oyster population deterioration. Oysters can filter over fifty gallons of polluted water a day. They joined hands with The Oyster Boys of GFWC Florida and strung oyster shells on coconut fiber rope and helped attach them to docks etc., to give a place for them to attach, grow big and strong, and filter water.


UNICEF’s Wash Initiative

GFWC Florida – GFWC Woman’s Club of Tallahassee

GFWC Woman’s Club of Tallahassee created a fun way to promote UNICEF’S Wash Initiative, which stands for Wash, Sanitation, and Hygiene! They challenged members to count the times they washed their hands for a month. Each time they washed their hands, members placed a quarter in a fund which kept them mindful of and grateful for the availability of water and soap they have where $153.00 was collected for UNICEF during this project!


Boat/Native Plant Project

GFWC Georgia – GFWC Georgia Augusta Woman’s Club

GFWC Georgia Augusta Woman’s Club assisted in turning an abandoned, dilapidated fiberglass boat into a centerpiece for a native plant garden by partnering with a Scout. Members met and assisted with paperwork, trained on gardening and native plants, growing plants from seeds, and anchoring the boat using natural products. The club provided seed starter sets and mulch for the boat, walking path, and bench.



GFWC Illinois – GFWC Fairbury Womans Club

Members helped to keep scraps of flannel material out of the landfill by making 234 sanitary pads to be sent to girls and young women in Africa. Because women and girls cannot access sanitary pads there, they cannot attend school during their menstrual periods because they have no protection. The club had one work night, and the members worked at home to create this impressive amount.


Rabies Clinic

GFWC New Hampshire – GFWC Hudson Women’s Club

GFWC Hudson Women’s Club held a Rabies Clinic in cooperation with veterinary students, staff, animal control, and an animal hospital. Over 125 pets received vaccines. Vaccines, tags, certificates, pet supplies, and time were donated. Members promoted the event in the community. The club sent an edible arrangement to the animal hospital, presented a $1000 Scholarship to a graduating veterinary student, and donated a $100 gift card to animal control.


Recycling Light Strands

GFWC Pennington Gap Woman’s Club (VA) members repaired holiday displays in the local park. They removed 450 sets of old light strands from the Christmas Fantasy display and replaced them with new energy efficient lights. The old light strands were sent to be stripped and recycled for the copper wiring.


Seedling Project

GFWC New Jersey – GFWC Suburban Woman’s Club of Pompton Plains

Members taught third graders about the Seedling Project. They received 150 free saplings from the NJ Forestry Service and wrapped them in wet paper towels and baggies. They tied and attached planting instructions. The week of Arbor Day, presentations were made to the enthusiastic students at three separate schools, explaining Arbor Day and why it is important.


Recycling Greeting Cards

GFWC North Carolina – GFWC Wake Forest High School Juniorette Woman’s Club

The club members completed a hands-on project of recycling greeting card fronts into 100 handmade bookmarks to be offered free to customers of a local bookstore. Club members wrote inspirational words on the backs of the bookmarks. They attached yarn fringe and embellished each bookmark with stickers and a “Juniorettes Step Up, GFWC Wake Forest High School Juniorette Club” label to each.



GFWC Pennsylvania – GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club re-energized members about recycling. They located unusual programs involving stamps, card tops, and prescription bottles. Instead of going to landfills, 1,061 stamps were collected, sorted, and bagged. They were sent to the Postal History Foundation to educate others on the history of stamps. Card tops were collected, delivered, and used in Occupational Therapy. Members collected 220 prescription bottles for reuse.


Benefits of Trout

GFWC Tennessee – GFWC Chilhowee Woman’s Club

The club members educated five hundred students in thirteen different schools by teaching about trout and the benefits of trout to the environment. The hands-on program taught students about the life cycle of trout and how water and air quality affect their survival.